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Jewel VM Project

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This site is home to the Jewel Virtual Machine Project.

The Jewel VM is a clean-room innovative alternate implementation of the Java Virtual Machine that incorporates a JIT cache in secondary memory, thus improving JIT performance. The JIT cache dilutes JIT compilation time enabling the use of expensive advanced optimizations. Also, the JIT cache may be distributed so that multiple JVM clients can share JIT code and benefit from JIT compilation on a faster server machine.

Jewel is an acronym for Java Environment With Enhanced Linkage.



July 2018
24 - Project migrated to GitHub.

June 2003
26 - Version 0.94a released.

October 2002
02 - Version 0.93a released.

September 2002
01 - Version 0.92a released.

August 2002
03 - Version 0.91a released.

May 2002
01 - New website up and running.

About the Author

The Jewel VM was written by Rodrigo Ferreira, a Compiler Software Engineer and Java Virtual Machine Specialist from Brazil. br

Rodrigo holds a Computer Science Master's degree from the Institute of Computing of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), being part of the Computer Systems Laboratory team. Rodrigo also holds a Computer Science Bachelor's degree from the Computer Science Department of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).

In 2010, Rodrigo finished his Ph.D. at the Department of Computer Science of the Yale University.

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