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Jewel VM Project

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Intel x86 Binaries for Version 0.94a

RPM Package for Linux
4.13 MB
To install this package you must use the command `rpm -i jewelvm-0.94a-1.i386.rpm', you must have root privileges to do that.
Also you must have the RPM software packaging tool installed in your computer.
Tested successfully on RedHat 7.3.

Installer for Win32
2.84 MB
To install simply double click this file, to launch the installer, and follow the instructions.
Tested successfully on Win95, WinNT and WinXP.

Compressed Tarball for Solaris
6.24 MB
To install unpack the file to a directory of your choice and add the lib subdirectory to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
Not tested.

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